Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Frugal Hawk

Welcome to the Frugal Hawk blog.

As you know, there is now a suggestion box in the mailroom where you can offer your ideas on how we can cut costs and save money in the Center. All aspects of the budget are under review.

The Frugal Hawk will monitor the suggestions left in the mailroom suggestion box, and post them here. The Frugal Hawk will also post responses to each suggestion.

Yesterday the Director and the Director's Advisory Group decided on the following cost-saving measures, beginning February 1st:

We will no longer provide food or beverages for any seminar, meeting, or group

We will no longer reimburse for conference travel, registrations, professional dues (unless the costs are to be paid from your grant funds)

We will no longer provide Culligan water service

We will no longer sponsor outside group’s fundraisers (e.g., Stroke Foundation, Center for Practical Ethics) using Center money

We will no longer participate in health fairs that charge a booth fee

Check back here for additional changes as they are implemented.

If you want to comment or leave suggestions here, you will need to have a gmail account. You can create one by going here:

Thanks, and keep those cards and letters coming !

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